OCX is a virtual currency exchange of China.

Benefits of OCX

The advantages of holding an OCX token are as follows.

A high dividend of 80% to the holder. For that reason, there is less disappointing sale and it is stable.
By using the OCX token you get a discount (perhaps 50% OFF).
I think that this will be able to acquire the voting rights of “stocks that want to be listed”.

How to register an OCX

I will tell you how to register.

① Select Register with mail address.
② Register the mail address.
③ Send code and input.
④ Password input.
⑤ Password confirmation.

KYC is mandatory

① Select level 1

② Select overseas and enter the name etc.

③ Upload passport

Without KYC, you can not withdraw coins.


X-Mining began at 12:00 on June 15, 2018 and the mining industry received 2000% compensation for three days from June 15 to June 17.

A mining fee will be issued on June 19, 2018, June 15 to June 18.

The current market distribution volume is 29%.
The first stage of mining dividends will be 100 million tokens, and the second X – Mining bonus plan will be adjusted.

X Bonus

The X bonus distributes an 80% transaction fee to the token holder OCX according to the X network plan.
The remaining 20% will be allocated to the development and operation of exchanges and community building.

Distribution includes tokens such as “BTC, ETH, LTC, OCX”, distribution is “BTC, ETH, LTC, OCX”.

The X bonus starts from 12:00 on June 15, 2018.

※important point

“Users with less than 1000 OCX positions per day” may not receive bonuses.
The platform reserves the right to terminate mining early and destroy the remaining tokens.
X – Bonus assignment period, concrete calculation method: Calculation at 80% of the total fee per day, 24:00. OCX’s dividend starts at 10 o’clock every day.
The method of payment is “dividend income of dividend payment user = dividend payment, individual OCX holding amount ÷ OCX distribution amount.

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