It is a review of the virtual currency exchange.

The reservation period seems to have a bonus of 30%.

What is TopForce?

Transaction fees are discounted using TPF tokens
Participation in ICO closed projects is possible
Use of new services and tools
Participation of virtual currency and pre-sales of next-generation block chain network
Reduce 10% to users from the net profit of the TopForce

TopForce Bonus List

Up to 30% bonus will be added for reservation period.

6/14 – 6/20 = + 30%
6/21 – 6/27 = + 20%
6/28 – 7/04 = + 10%
7/05 ‐ 7/11 = + 5%

The platform is divided into four

The top force platform seems to be made up of four layers.

・Block chain layer:Personal data is saved by side chain.
・Base function layer: It means that it is to go to development with funds obtained by transaction fee.
・IDE Layer:A platform for building applications.
・Application layer: You can select and use for individual large data. Therefore, it is possible to run applications lightly.

Medicalbit is scheduled to be listed on “TOPFORCE” in June.

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